Earn Passive Income with Annual Interest on Free Margin!

Discover how our exclusive Annual Interest on Free Margin feature allows you to earn 20% annual interest on unused funds in your trading account. Start growing your wealth effortlessly while boosting your trading potential with NXG Markets today!

NXG Markets Annual Interest on Free Margin

How Much Could You Earn?

Example calculation of your interest:

  1. Average Free Margin: $10,000 annually.
  2. Interest Earned: 20% on $10,000 = $2,000 annually.

With an annual interest rate of 20%, you would earn $2000 in interest, credited directly to your trading account.

Why Choose Us?

Interest Rates

Trading volume in conditional lots Annual interest rate
Below 10 0%
from 10 to 30 0%
from 30 to 50 2%
from 50 to 70 4%
Above 70 7%

Start Earning Today!

Open an account to maximise your trading potential with our Annual Interest on Free Margin feature. Let your trading capital work for you, even when not actively traded, and grow your wealth steadily and securely.

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